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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online. You can view the documents using this website. All documents on this site are available as Adobe PDF Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.
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Name  Size  Type
Assets (134KB) Assets 134KB Folder
Audit (48.6MB) Audit 48.6MB Folder
Bristol Airport (26.3MB) Bristol Airport 26.3MB Folder
Budget (825.2KB) Budget 825.2KB Folder
CiL Funding (298.9KB) CiL Funding 298.9KB Folder
Conservation (5MB) Conservation 5MB Folder
Contacting the Police (106.8KB) Contacting the Police 106.8KB Folder
Councillors (2.4MB) Councillors 2.4MB Folder
Elections (1.8MB) Elections 1.8MB Folder
Flooding (3.8MB) Flooding 3.8MB Folder
Footpath Maps (13.4MB) Footpath Maps 13.4MB Folder
Footpaths Consultations (5.2MB) Footpaths Consultations 5.2MB Folder
Healthwatch (17.1KB) Healthwatch 17.1KB Folder
Highways (0b) Highways 0b Folder
Insurance (867.3KB) Insurance 867.3KB Folder
Minutes and Agendas (55.7MB) Minutes and Agendas 55.7MB Folder
Parish archived documents (17.7MB) Parish archived documents 17.7MB Folder
Parish Hall Annual Report (92.4KB) Parish Hall Annual Report 92.4KB Folder
Parish Hall Consultation (9.7MB) Parish Hall Consultation 9.7MB Folder
Parish Hall Governance Deed (5.6MB) Parish Hall Governance Deed 5.6MB Folder
Parish Hall Hire (352KB) Parish Hall Hire 352KB Folder
Parish Hall Lottery (1.9MB) Parish Hall Lottery 1.9MB Folder
Parish Plan (4.2MB) Parish Plan 4.2MB Folder
Placemaking Plan (8.6MB) Placemaking Plan 8.6MB Folder
Policies and Protocols (24.4MB) Policies and Protocols 24.4MB Folder
Restoration of the Millennium Green Fingerpost (23.4MB) Restoration of the Millennium Green Fingerpost 23.4MB Folder
Rights of Way (77KB) Rights of Way 77KB Folder
Riparian Waterways (451.7KB) Riparian Waterways 451.7KB Folder
Section 137 grants (458.7KB) Section 137 grants 458.7KB Folder
Tesco Bags For Help (134.7KB) Tesco Bags For Help 134.7KB Folder
Transparency Code (3.3MB) Transparency Code 3.3MB Folder
Village History (871.7KB) Village History 871.7KB Folder
Village Meetings (1.3MB) Village Meetings 1.3MB Folder
Walks (12.9MB) Walks 12.9MB Folder
BA_Drone_Poster.pdf (364.2KB) BA_Drone_Poster.pdf 364.2KB PDF
Devolocal.pdf (5MB) Devolocal.pdf 5MB PDF
LTCs flu vaccination toolkit Final.pdf (2MB) LTCs flu vaccination toolkit Final.pdf 2MB PDF
RuralHeroes_A5 FINAL (1)-1.pdf (2MB) RuralHeroes_A5 FINAL (1)-1.pdf 2MB PDF
Seeing inside the Police Community.pdf (1.7MB) Seeing inside the Police Community.pdf 1.7MB PDF